Wilful neglect is one of our policy exclusions. We ask our policy holders to look after their items, as best as they can, and not inflict damage which is preventable. 

Wilful neglect could arise in many different ways. To help you understand what is covered, we have listed examples which classify as wilful neglect and would not be covered under your policy:

  • An item left outside in extreme poor weather conditions and a claim is made for deterioration.
    We expect customers to take reasonable care with their possessions and keep their items ‘safe and secure’, so we would not be able to accept this claim.
  • A property left unattended and unlocked, which is then burgled.
    This is neglect of the property and not something we would be able to cover.
  • An item which is in a vulnerable position, without preventative steps taken to protect it – i.e leaving your item in a pocket when going into water, or allowing very young child to play with it, leaving it open to extreme weather conditions with no protection.
    If a damage claim were to be submitted as a result of one of these instances, it may be rejected under wilful neglect.
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