You can always make changes to your policy, before or after purchase.

You can add and remove items to your policy (this is explained in 'How do I remove items from my Kinsu policy?'  and How do I add items to my Kinsu policy?). Please note that if you remove an item, it will remain covered with Kinsu until the end of the month and we will not offer a refund on the premium collected.

You can also change your address (this is explained in Change of Address). 

Whenever you make a change to your policy, it can affect your premium. If you add an item, your premium will increase, or if you move to a higher risk area, your contents premium will increase.  

It is important to note that you will always be charged on the day that you make a change to your policy. You will be charged a prorated amount which covers you until the end of the current month. On the 1st of the month your policy will then refresh and you will be charged your full (updated) premium. 

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